As we all know a plant has the least endurance capacity, they simply cannot bear the stress of transit; the way delivery people handle it. 

Urban Plant discovered the safest way to deliver plant to your place, it wouldn't be an exaggeration if we say that we have "India's Toughest Packaging" for plants, ever used by anyone in India. 

To prove above statement, we conducted durability test on our packaging and recorded the whole video for you, please have a look.

We shall do endurance test of this plant using Urban Plant's packaging. As you can see we've kept the plant inside the box. Now, we shall pack it the way we send it to our customers. 
We shall go to a location, where we shall drop from almost 5-6 metres height. Once the box is dropped, we shall see if we got any damage on box or the plant. Here we go, the box is completely fine without any issue. And plant is also absolutely healthy. You can simply trust on our packaging without any hesitation. 






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