Hydroponic A&B Nutrients - 15 Essential Elements for Veggies, Leafy Greens, Tomatoes and Fruits 200ML

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What is Hydroponic A&B Nutrients?

Nutrient solution to Hydroponic is just like fertilizers to soil. Essentially, a Hydroponic nutrient solution is a liquid filled with all of the necessary nutrients so that plant roots can come into contact for its growth.

Compared to soil, Hydroponic makes it easier to measure and fill the exact amounts of nutrients in the water solutions.

The nutrient ratio will be different, depending on a variety of criteria:

  • Plants types
  • Plant growth stage
  • Parts of plants you want to bring the most yields (leaf, fruit, root)
  • Light intensity, weather, temperature, the season of the year.

Here are the recommended nutrient solutions for some plant types


  • Boost Plant Growth - Together, they provide a balanced mix of essential elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and various micronutrients necessary for plant development.
  • Feed plant with all balanced nutrition - When you give individual nutrients to plant, in combine it may heat up and damage roots. Hydroponic A&B Solution gives balance ratio of nutrients that does not heat by the roots. 
  • Boost Pollination and Seed production - Macro in mix with micro-nutrient enhance seed production in hydroponics, it ensures that the plants receive the right nutrients at the right stages of their life cycle.
  • Proper Oxygen supply which result in good Photosynthesis - Magnesium of the chemical components of chlorophyll. Magnesium helps create the oxygen through photosynthesis and is often used in large amounts in fast-growing plants.
  • It enhances the plants longevityIn a hydroponic system, the controlled environment and precise nutrient delivery can contribute to optimal plant growth, potentially leading to healthier and longer-lived plants compared to traditional soil cultivation.

How to Use:

  • Dilute 2.5ml in 1 Litre water and mix well.
  • Pour the diluted mixture in the plant water
  • Repeat weekly, for best results.
  • Use early morning or late evening for good growth

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