6 Exciting Gift Ideas for Diwali 2021

Bringing great merriment and joy, festive occasions are the most advent events around the wheel of the year. The love and laughter people share with each other on these occasions fill up voids created by the monotonous journey of life. And therefore, even getting prepped for these celebrations is a task in itself which is also full of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Since one of the mega festivals, Diwali is around the corner, we have charted a way to help you plan presents for your loved ones with whom you would like to create the best of memories.

One of the major concerns of people in the 21st century is how to make the celebrations at Diwali clean and green, as it is on this festival that a major chunk of pollution gets rolled out. Thus, let’s share oodles of love with our friends and family with Diwali gift indoor planters set.

Urban Plant presents best gift ideas for Diwali 2021 the collection of the exceptional range of metal, glass, and wooden planters that will make your Diwali celebrations incredibly delightful along with being cleaner and greener.

1. Glass Terrarium Tabletop 

diwali gift idea no. 1 - glass terrarium

Simple yet elegant Glass Terrarium Decorative flower pots for living room as well as glass planters for dining table, we offer glass terrarium tabletop art ware in different shapes and sizes to give your tabletop a modern-themed decor. Designed in impeccable sizes with tempered glass and welded tin, these glass terrariums are perfect for holding plants and also for the purpose of sharing as a token of love.

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 2. Classy Z- Style Metal Planter Stand

diwali gift idea no. 2 - plant stand

Celebrate the exchange of happiness with one of the best decorative for pairing the planters with. This metal pot stand is perfect to compliment the space with modern-style decor. It is certainly a go-to for people who wish to spice up their places even in the scarcity of spaces. May this could be one of the best Gift Ideas for upcoming Diwali 2021.

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 3. Circular Wall hanging metal planter

diwali gift idea no. 3 - wall decor

Gifting a hanging garden to your loved ones is no more a ‘task’ now, as we have come up with a circular wall hanging metal planter for gift that will enrich the charm of the space, wherever placed, abundantly. Simple and stylish, it is carved in 3 different shades with great precision to bring the cooling touch of nature into the cement sphere.

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 4. Antique Rickshaw-Style Metal Planter

diwali gift idea no. 4 - table top planter

Antique Rickshaw Metal Planter present a garden on wheels this Diwali that adds a magical aesthetic to every nook and corner wherever added. Decorative planter for living room, it douses the space with a splendid look and a dash of style. Also, the flawless metal it is made up of makes it durable and free from the issues of rust. This Antique Rickshaw Metal Planter can be on your list for the best gift ideas for Diwali 2021

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5. Dual Color Pots with Stands

diwali gift idea no. 5 - big planters

These stylish metal planters with stand are the right choice when choosing decorative pots for living room of your loved ones. Their round shape creates plenty of room to be paired with a wide range of indoor plants. One of their other perks is that you can move them around easily without considering how big they are, as they are featherlike to hold.

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 6. Floral Metal Planter with Triangular Metal Stand

exiting gift ideas for diwali 2021

We are here with the best Diwali present, metal planter with stand that will decorate the house of your friends and family exactly the way they’d want. It has plenty of room to hold even the heavier plants, and its stand offers the elevation that makes watering the plants easier and also makes them appear taller. This Floral Metal Planter can be a good pick for your best gift ideas for Diwali 2021.

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There are even more exciting Diwali gift indoor planters set that will make your prepping for the celebrations a piece of cake. So, don’t wait and grab them now to let this Diwali be mind-blowing for you!