5 Air Purifying Plants Every Urban Household Should Own

India has been severely hit by air pollution. It has covered the whole nation in a gloomy, grey envelop where to breathe any ounce of fresh air freely is not as viable as it sounds to be. The smog and pollutants floating in the air have become a serious reason to worry, as they have posed a question on the health of the masses.

To curb this proliferating health hazard, government and organisations advise people to plant trees abundantly, as they are natural air purifiers. Companies have also come up with artificial air purifiers that have been developed mechanically, but the good news here is that there are multitudinous air purifying plants available that can help us breathe air which is free of toxins. Let’s check them out now!

  1. Syngonium Podophyllum

You can also find it with the common name Silver Plant. It is an indoor plant that’s just not decorative but also cleans the air you breathe and act as an anti-pollutant. Simply put, it’s a hard-to-kill, natural decorative which is an air purifying indoor plant too, as it cuts off benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from your air. It removes air-borne microbes and increases humidity in the air to let it remain cool and comfy for you. The great news about this plant is that it tops the list of best indoor plants for clean air rendered by NASA, the American organisation.

  1. Money Plant

This cute-looking creeper is a must-have plant in every home. It is a very effective air purifying house plant that helps in reducing the most common air pollutants in the house significantly. The favourable part about this plant is that it can survive extreme situations. So, all you need to do is just pair it with a planter for indoor plants and enjoy the manifold benefits of it.

  1. Portulacaria Afra

Also known as Elephant Bush, as it’s the favourite plant of Elephants, it is a succulent which is one of the best carbon eaters out there making it an excellent plant that cleans the air. It is the most suitable indoor plant that cleans the air and removes toxins to render you a sleep with a smile.

  1. Chlorophytum

Here comes the champion! Also known as a Spider Plant, it is an astonishing air purifying plant, as it removes around 90% of the potentially cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde from your air. It is advisable to be placed near kitchens and bathrooms, as formaldehyde is very commonly produced there. This plant is also considered safe in case you have pets in your house. Pair it with the metal planters for plants and let it do wonders to your home!

  1. Spathiphyllum

A flowering house plant, Spathiphyllum is also known as Peace Lily. It has the ability to remove indoor air pollutants by breaking them down and neutralising toxic gases. Its high transpiration rate makes it the best plant for air purification especially in seasons like summer and winter when the air is very dry. It is also a great microbes and fungal spores’ absorber thus ideal for allergy sufferers and people who have trouble in breathing. Its long flowering period influences the vibe of the room helping to relax and stay positive.

You can place all the indoor plants for oxygen in Urban Plant metal planters for indoor plants to let them look as pleasing as you’d want them to be.