De-stress and Grow with Indoor Plants

It was an Indian scientist, who proved that plants have life; that they possess feelings and empathy, at the dawn of 20th century. But, our culture’s relationship with plants has been based on empathy and worship long before that.

But, one does not need to extract the sap or hunt for obscure herbs in Himalayas to avail the therapeutic benefits of plants. Just being in their presence, basking in the calm permanence and quiet strength of our green friends, is enough to impart health benefits.

After all, plants and trees purify the air, regulate temperature and rainfall, deter insects and pests among a million other services they provide for the humanity and mother earth.

  • But what do plants have to do with stress?

Everything. You wake up, you get ready and you go to work, excited and pumped for a new and productive day. But, by the time you have already been bogged down by heat and dust; depressed by the sight of dirty grey skies and bleak horizons cut sharply by concrete and glass buildings. You hear on the radio; that this year the rainfall will be irregular, again. You slide down the window of your car to breathe in some fresh morning air and you are rewarded with a mouthful of smog, dust and chemicals.So, by the time you reach your workplace, you have turned into a tight bundle of stress, anxious and beat down and it is not even 10 in the morning.

Imagine then, that your office has potted plants lining the balconies where you can just stand in peace for five minutes and try to regain back the mojo, the freshness you started your day with. You go to your desk and a little flowering bonsai welcomes you, or a creeper on the wall has extended its shoot playfully towards you.

It is a fact scientifically proven that plants and tress help de-stress. But, we don’t need scientific experimentation to ascertain that, do we? We all know this fact, in our hearts, in our instincts.

Nature calls to us, calls to our happiness and peace, and imparts us with its solidity  and calmness, and you just have to go stand in a garden for few minutes to prove that.

  • Indoors are as important as Outdoors

Deforestation and over construction has turned our cities are a mess. Long stretches of land lie fallow, eroding. Heat pockets develop where vegetation is low. The ecosystem of most of our cities are completely in shambles.

But how can we make it right? Of course, we can grow mini forests and re-plan our cities, but that will take a lot of time and effort.

What can we do on a personal level? Right now!

Well, we can turn our living and working spaces into little pockets of nature. Imagine a hundred apartments in a building, all laden with a small garden in their balconies. Indoor plants are the future if we want to transform our living and working spaces holistically.

Where would be the scope for stress and anxiety in such a space? How would you be bogged down if you can actually smell flowers from your desk plant rather than gazing at a sterile image of it on your desktop?

Indoor plants purify the air in and around your house and act as natural humidifiers. They keep germs away. Caring for indoor plants can give you a sense of purpose and achievement every day.

Some of the most common indoor plants which you can start your house/office garden with are Ficus and other bonsais like neem and lemon, and decorative plants like snake plants and Chamadorea Elegans.

There is no better therapy than plant therapy, and we better start doing it right now.

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