Eco-friendly planters for a sustainable indoor garden
Eco-Friendly Planters

Eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to plastic are becoming more common and sought after in all aspect of our lives. Then why should be things any different when it comes to indoor gardening.

Planters are a very important part of indoor gardening. Most of the planters available in the market are plastic or metal. And, why should they be not?

Plastic is durable and cheap. Most metals are also not biodegradable. They are not virtually indestructible like plastic; most of them do fall apart but after a very long time. Thus, metal is not the best eco-friendly alternative for indoor planters. Even glass; which is a much costlier alternative to plastic planter lives away in environment for centuries. We haven’t adopted recycling at a major level yet; so, a glass or a metal planter can not qualify as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic planters.

Thus, the problem is to find a good enough material for planters which are durable, not bulky, and do not cut a wide hole into your pockets. And, yes, they must be completely biodegradable too.

Well, Urban Plant- the top online nursery in India has brought some simple, precise and beautiful solutions to these problems. Urban Plant presents to you its series offully handcrafted and eco-friendly planters which are completely biodegradable too.

Made from materials like recycled rubber, jute and bamboo these planters check every eco-friendly box and make your indoor garden an example in sustainable practice.

Let’s check out what Urban Plant has to offer and what makes these eco-friendly planters special and a cut above the rest.


1.Urban Plant Jute planters 

diwali gift idea no. 1 - glass terrarium

Classic and understated these handcrafted planters are available in multiple colors and patterns. Jute is one of the most underrated materials. It is strong, durable and with India being the top producer in the world; easily available. These eco-friendly jute planters will not just make your house a sustainable haven but will add a playful style to your décor.

 2.Urban Plant Recycled Rubber planters

diwali gift idea no. 2 - plant stand

These recycled rubber planters are available in different types- Hand painted plant pots, and Decorative wall hanging pots. Again, they are available in beautiful colours and patterns which will add tastefully to any décor they are part of. These rubber planters are also easy on the pockets. And, the wall hanging decorative planters can help you utilize the indoor space better, and add to décor in various ways. There are a total of three styles available in recycled rubber category.

 3.Urban Plant Eco-friendly Bamboo Planters

diwali gift idea no. 3 - wall decor

These charming bamboo planters are sturdy, affordable and add a distinct style to the décor they are added to. They are also available in two different series.

Hanging Series- These come with ties and they can be hung to ceilings or walls. Combined with the wall-hanging rubber planters they can provide a great contrast to their colourful brilliance with muted elegance. There are three styles available in hanging Bamboo planter series.

Tabletop Series- Best for housing small decorative bonsais on your worktable, these can go with any classic understated décor. The tabletop series has one style available.

Urban Plant, the online plant nursery; strives to transform urban spaces holistically and sustainably and with eco-friendly alternatives. They sell home décor plants, planters and care solutions. If you are looking to transform your living or working space into an ecological haven, Urban Plant is where you must look towards.