Live Plant: The New Lifesavers in Air Pollution
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The entire Delhi NCR is covered in smog and pollutants. Toxic substances are floating in the air and unfortunately, we are breathing the same polluted air. Thus, inviting many respiratory diseases to our home. While many believe that a bulky, costly and high maintenance air purifier is one of the best solutions to air pollution, we have brought to you an affordable and organic alternative to beat the ongoing air pollution problem.

The solution is air purifying plants. Yes, these beautiful bundles of joy can help you survive in the city that has been recently termed as ‘World’s Most Recognized Agglomeration’. Indoor plants for air purifier purpose help to improve the air quality of the house by eliminating harmful and toxic pollutants from the environment.

Let us dive into a few benefits of air purifying plants.

Top Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

Top Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

1. Easy on the pocket

Unlike the huge air purifiers that might cost you a hefty amount, indoor plants for air purifier purposes will cost you peanuts. If living simply is your life motto, then you must welcome these green friends into your life.

2. Absorbs carbon dioxide & release oxygen

Say goodbye to toxic carbon dioxide as you decorate your home with these indoor plants. Clearly, plants are the best companion to human beings and the source of what we need the most - Oxygen.

Absorbs carbon dioxide & release oxygen

3. Create a healthy environment for work

As per a study by Dr Chris Night of Exeter University, employees become 15% more productive if workspaces are filled with indoor plants. It makes the space more lively and helps people concentrate better.

4. Improves health

Apart from being one of the most effective solutions to air pollution, live plants increase the humidity of the air, thus reducing the ill effects of respiratory diseases. As per many pieces of research, indoor plants also help overcome dry skin, fatigue, sore throat, headache, cold and dry cough.

Well, by now you must be convinced how indoor air purifying plants are a blessing in disguise. If you are looking forward to knowing about the best place to buy indoor plants, Urban Plant has your back. The wide collection of Urban Plant indoor plants help to strengthen your immune system and overcome all respiratory diseases.

Urban Plant - the online garden store has a variety of live plants with air purifying qualities, including Chamaedorea seifrizii-Bamboo Palm Plant, Snake Plant, Golden Money Plant, Money Plant N'joy, ZZ Plant and Aglaonema siam aurora.

Urban Plant gives you a chance to place beautiful and affordable indoor air purifying plants in your home. Place a plant in every 100 sq. ft. area. for unique home decor and abundant health benefits.