Step up to the Healthy Living with Urban Plants

With the covid-19 upsurge within the country, the immunity and strength of every individual is seen to be depleted as the immunity is severely challenged by the mere presence of this virus. The only solution to this along with the mask entitlement is eating and breathing healthy. If we breathe fresh, then definitely we will think fresh and be lively.

Urban plant presents an initiative, #BreatheFresh in association with Park Group of Hospitals to make India happy, healthy, and living with the constant intake of fresh air. This initiative has perfectly proven to enhance the living standards and to keep a focus upon the future that is to make a healthy living by this initiative. Urban Plant’s Live Plants is here to present the population of our country to establish themselves once again in a healthier manner after the disastrous upsurge of corona virus and pollution being struck in this time after Diwali due to pranali burning.

The most prominent effect of this initiative would be upon the strengthening and development of Immune system and Respiratory system. Within the census monitored there is a brief analysis, where this upsurge has affected severely on every individual’s immune and respiratory mechanism. Moreover, studies have pointed out that air pollution may be a contributing factor to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. So, to proceed towards as we say #stepbysteptohealthylife, we need nothing more than having been surrounded by plants that provide us oxygen day in and day out. With the #lushandgreen environment all the diseases and problem could easily be minimized.

This initiative has brought up many activities along its event which has proved beneficial for the masses to engage themselves within planting and gardening. The activities included within the venue in this venture were several and included every individual of all age group. These activities enhanced the behaviour of every towards inculcating a good habit of breathing a pure and fresh air within and without their compartments. Several plants were gathered in the event to be equipped for the outer world. The public present seemed quite impressed with the amount of gardening material present at the site for the public’s consumption. These plants pose great benefits once consumed and presented personally within your personalised surrounding.

We are consistently aware that excessive air pollution can result in certain health problems like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and high blood pressure, that have been identified as the that raise the chances of death from COVID-19 infection. Urban plant is a platform that is here to provide us with those live plants that can make sure of making the lives of those breathing around them also worth living. Several benefits can be administered while being around these fresh organisms like having good digestive system by inhaling germ free air, also blood pressure and heart rate is acutely managed for that prolonged period, also it strengthens the immune system, with the clear air reaching the lungs this also improves the mind processing and gives us more energy for the chores to be dealt the whole day.

#plantsarethebestcure, this is the most important aspect dealt with in life, where plants how readily available they are and how much underrated they are considered, they would always work for every individual’s healthy survival on this planet. It is mandatorious for every individual to at least plant some dozens of plants within their locality and in their house. The contribution provided by Urban Plants is appreciable, as rather than selling, keeping such healthy plants available to the public in the market is a task one step closer to making people lead a problem free life.