How to Create Your Urban Jungle at your Home- Easy & Simple Steps!
Create your Urban Jungle at your home
Urbanisation has led us to live in high-rise, cement towers that lack the touch of nature required as a preliminary to lead a healthier life. These atmospheres have produced claustrophobic existence which is difficult to cope up with every day. When exposed to environment that is green and open, each one of us finds a really ultimate level of peace and comfort – a fresher vibe that reminds us every moment of how beautiful and absolutely necessary is to have a home garden.

Home gardening firstly comes with the decision of what you would like to grow. Then you would have to choose a location, plan your garden beds, invest in basic garden tools, test your soil, prepare the soil, choose the right seeds, plant with care, and nurture your garden – a lot of hard work!

From the initial phase, a home garden involves a lot to turn into exactly what you had dreamt of in the very first moment when the idea had struck in your mind. But, that doesn’t necessarily scare us away, as in the course of this blog you are going to unearth how easily you can put it all together in just a few days!

How to develop an urban, home garden?

Studies have shown that mental health takes a big boost when we spend as little as 30 minutes a day in nature. ‘Forest Therapy’ and nature walks are being included in mental health plans as a way to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and create calm in the mind.

Whilst it is not always possible to go out to parks and gardens, let’s do the next best to it – bring gardens into our homes, the urban jungle. Below are some easy tricks of the trade of the same for you to check out.

  • Breathe life into corners and crevices with regular bursts of potted plant life.
  • Assemble a group of planters to house your plants in a way that complements your decor.
  • Select the home garden planters to measure one-third of the total size and the plant itself to two-thirds.
  • Include a variety of plants which are easy to maintain, hardy plants like peace lily, succulents, etc.
  • Choose single leaf plants for table centres and bedside bud planters.
  • Use hooks in the ceiling for hanging planters and to create more vertical plant space.
  • Don’t forget your bathroom. Decorate it with home garden planters paired with tropical plants which benefit from the humidity and give it the look of a spa.
  • Also don’t shy away from big plants, as they can give your room more dimension and a feeling of depth.

The essential concept behind any urban jungle is to mimic nature in its extraordinary diversity of species, sizes, forms and colours. Therefore, if you just go for the same textures, your urban jungle is likely to appear boring. Similarly, it’s very important to play around with your planters, metal planters, hanging planters, ceramics, whichever, as often as you like.

And, as a cherry on top, add candles and personal objects that are close to your heart.

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