Medicinal Plants and Their Benefits:


Medicinal plants are certain herbs that have been very fruitful for the healthy existence of every human existing on Earth. From about centuries, they have been marked with certain healing properties and are considered as ayurvedic plants. These healing herbs are great for removing the unwanted toxins from our body, thereby producing the antibodies to fight the toxins. India is a treasure for the herbs that cure and manifest positivity within the body. Amongst this, these herbal plants also cure the existing medical issues present within a person’s body. India along with other laurels is also famous for all its medicinal plants present and the benefits these medicinal plants inhibit. Certain medicinal plants that need to be highlighted are neem leaves, tulsi, aswagandha, bael and ghee Kunwar.

Prolonged benefits are discovered by scientists of the afore- mentioned medicinal plants:

  • Neem, also referred to as Margosa tree in English, is a blood purifying tree. Its leaves are of the nature where they have the tendency to clean the toxins heavily by its bitter taste. It is used for Leprosy, Eye Disorders, Bloody Nose and Intestinal Worms.
  • Tulsi, along with being a medicinal plant, it is also a holy plant. In India the value of Tulsi is equated with the positivity and cleanliness that it acquires within itself. This plant is necessarily found in every Hindu Indian household to add the holiness to the family’s rituals of pooja. Another name for tulsi in English is Holy Basil and it is used vividly for purposes like, Indigestion, Heart Diseases and Respiratory Diseases.
  • Ashwagandha, also called Winter Cherry is also on of the vital herbal/medicinal plant amongst all and it helps in Stress Tolerance, Immunity, Joint Pains and Skin Sores.
  • Bael, popularly called as Bengal Quince in English is widely used to cure Dysentery and Diabetes, Sunstrokes and is also considered Anti-Cancer.
  • Ghee Kunwar, also called as aloes or aloe vera. This plant is magical, other than being medicinal. This helps cure several intestine issues as well as skin problems. This plant has the utter capability to cure Ulcers, Burn Injuries, Jaundice and acne.

One way of understanding the basic fundamentals of Indian Ayurveda is to spend more time with nature and observe the plants and herbs. Each plant or herb has a specific quality and can be used to treat multitude of ailments and diseases. You can find Fresh Medicinal Plants online on Urban Plant Online nursery at the best prices.