Eco-friendly Interior Design: Bring Nature Home

There are a few things which the world will equivocally agree upon. One of them is that we definitely need more and more plants and trees around us, in our lives. Especially if we are living in an urban setting. More and more cities around the world are turning into smog filled nightmares, and their planners are taking note of the receding tree cover which is aggravating the situation. But, only building parks and tree lined avenue is not going to serve the purpose. All of us have to contribute in the effort.

The modern cities are not built for the idyllic house with gardens. They are cramped beyond limits making every inch of space too valuable. And, that is where the solution lies. Fill all available space with plants.

The space is all around you!

Look around your house. You live there. Your family does too. Maybe, even some pets. But, why are there are no indoor plants?

Maybe you never thought of it. Maybe it would be too much burden. After all there is a lot, you might have to prepare for. A lot of questions you may not have answers for.

  • What indoor plants would survive your living room corner or office mantelpiece?
  • What if the sunlight is not optimum?
  • What if you are too busy to take care of the plants?
  • What if they grow too big?
  • What if they don’t go with my interiors?

Well, that is where Urban plant comes in. And, we can provide answers to all these questions.

What do we bring to the table, or mantelpiece, or balcony, or foyer of your home?

Indoor plants and everything related to them.

We sell a variety of herbs, succulents, bonsais and cacti which are perfect to grow indoors. All of these plants serve a few common basic purposes-

  • They do not grow too big; hence, they can be potted anywhere.
  • Most of them do not need a lot of water or intensive care. Cacti and Succulents are plants which are built to grow in harshest of environments. In an indoor setting they are basically self-sustaining.
  • They are decorative plants which enhance the look and feel of your house or offices and can be inducted with any kind of décor.
  • They purify indoor atmosphere. Plants like Ficus bonsais and cacti are excellent absorbers of particulate matters. Households are one of the biggest emitters of Particulate matters to the atmosphere. You would not just be keeping your house clean but also reducing your contribution to the global population.
  • They are plants. Living, breathing, beautiful things. Just having them around can be a holistic experience. Taking care of them can be a hobby which will provide a welcome and peaceful break from your hectic lives.

Now you think plants are cool. Don’t you? Well, you should see our planters.

Every indoor plant needs a planter. Fortunately, we have a whole lineup of them. We have indoor planters, hanging planters, wall décor planters, so on and so forth. With our offerings you can utilize every space of your abode. Our planters come in various shape and sizes, in multiple colors and designs and are built from everything ranging from jute bags, to metal to glass. They are aesthetically designed to enhance any kind of décor and we make sure that you are spoilt for choices with continuous new arrivals in style and functionality.

Urbanplant also provides manures, care solutions, premium planter stands. As mentioned earlier if the question is how to turn your house into a living breathing space, we have all the answers.

So, let’s start today. Let’s starts by making one corner of your house pretty. Let’s take some of the stress of the very air you breathe.

We promise you, soon you will be hooked, you won’t have enough, and we will have succeeded in turning your home into an urban jungle.

And, in the world we live in there cannot be a more beautiful achievement than that.

Urbanplant strives to transform urban spaces holistically and sustainably. We sell home décor plants, planters and care solutions. Let’s start building your garden of Eden.